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Teaching and the Mayas: Traditions, Structures and Disciplines

The Mayas had a strict and structured education system organized according to hierarchy and including the practice personal discipline

The Maya civilization was the one that had the greatest splendor and power of the cultures of Mesoamerica. Maya education had the objective of strengthening ethical and moral values, and the links between the human being and nature, and the human being with the superior being.

In ancient times Maya education was very strict and mainly in schools and seminars. The Maya’s discipline was practiced for his entire life by performing fasts and abstinence on special occasions or before festive events. A group of men would be interned in a house for a period of approximately 60 days, blood was drawn with the purpose of offering it as a sacrifice. From a young age the Mayas learn to obey their elders, and master their emotions and appear calm.

The education that was granted in the educational centers depended on the hierarchical position; for example, the nobles were taught liturgy, astrology, writing, calculation and genealogy. The middle class was destined to the teaching of military practice.

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