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Physical Relationship to Emotional Spaces was the name of the russian artist Katya Demidova’s Photography Workshop

As part of the #MiercolesdeTAC weekly event series of the recently inaugurated Tulum Art Club,  Russian photographer Katya Demidova created a 3-day workshop so that attendees could explore their relationship to spaces. During the opening to the public event, Demidova shared her portfolio with the attendees, explaining her creative process and how her work challenges our preconceptions of physical spaces. During her career, the Russian photographer has become increasingly aware of how we inhabit and give meaning to different places. “Whenever I teach is, of course, to inspire, to create a comfortable space for people to open up and show what they have to say. You never know what genius photograph they have on their phones. It doesn’t matter what tool you use, as long as you have a vision.”

The workshop was designed to get six attendees involved in the space of the Tulum Art Club.  Since TAC is a new contemporary culture center, the artist wanted to show people that it is more than a space where art is exhibited, but where creation happens. As stated by the artist, the main purpose of this workshop was to create a comfortable space where people can express themselves freely.

During the workshop, the participants collaborated on each other’s creative processes and each of them brought a unique element, given their diverse backgrounds and personalities, resulting in individual projects with a great group dynamic. After the workshop, the artist expressed being satisfied with the results since it motivated the participants to get involved in photography and to truly express themselves through it. In her words “In this workshop, the photography was just a tool to manifest what people had inside, and as a result most of them were very honest and it resulted in personal projects.”

This #MiercolesdeTAC weekly event series was launched with the showing of the documentary “Calakmul” produced and presented by Mexican documentary filmmaker Erika Lopez. The documentary was about the biosphere in the south of Mexico that contains the ruins of what used to be an important Maya seat of power and also a large flora and fauna population at risk of extinction. Such weekly events are an activation by the Tulum Art Club in order to host the community of Tulum and allow for their creative energy to manifest.

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