Living in Cozumel: Michela Nazzaruolo

A move from Italy to Cozumel helped a lifelong dream come true

Michela Nazzaruolo is a young Italian woman who  decided to change her life a few years ago and try out a new adventure in Cozumel. Born in Modena, Michela studied to become an English teacher, so she traveled and worked around Europe for a while.

How did you arrive in Cozumel, Michela?

I have always been fascinated by Mexico. I found an ad that said they were looking for an English teacher in a private school, but in two weeks time! So I begged them if they could wait for me longer. Two months later, I was landing in Cozumel for the first time in my life.

dato2How was the life in Cozumel when you arrived from Italy?

Some people say Italians are the Mexican of Europe, but it is actually really different there. Life in Europe is extremely fast, while here people take their time to live. Sure, it is not easy to follow the rhythm of the island people sometimes, especially when you are working. But nothing beats going to the beach after or before work. It is ideal to cure any kind of stress.

You arrived as a teacher but you are now running an art and culture center called Magenta.

Yes, Magenta was a life-long dream which became a reality very quickly after some tacos with my boyfriend and friends. When we found the place, I fell in love with it because it was exactly what I was looking for. It was ideal for hosting the art gallery, the various courses, the kids’ camps, the concerts and, after 7pm, the bar and restaurant. These are activities that financially support Magenta. Everything became reality so fast. Cozumel is such a magical place. Today I know why I needed to come here.

Do you have a favorite thing about Cozumel that you would like to share with us?

I love the other side of the island, it is quiet and desert, the beaches are wild and sandy. I love going there to find energy and peace. I also love that here, I can forget my keys in my car and it will still there in the morning. I can walk alone late the night and I feel safe, and this has no price, believe me.

Magenta Art and Culture center is on 10th Av. between Juarez and 2 in front of Hostelito, 5 min from the ferry pier. Facebook/Magenta Art&Culture Ristoclub.

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