Tulum has the perfect movie-watching experience for those looking to enjoy something intimate and unique

Imagine having your own private movie theater in the jungle with amazing food and drinks. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, it is. Once you have experienced Zine in Tulum, you will rethink visiting a regular movie theater again.

Zine has four private theaters of different sizes, for groups as small as four people and those as large as twelve. As it’s a small, intimate venue, you will feel pampered the entire time you are there. However, it is highly recommended that you book in advance, especially during high season.  

Here is what you can expect during an evening at Zine. Upon arrival, you can order cocktails and then select your film from their extensive collection of movies. Options range from kids entertainment and action adventure to relatively new releases, such as the James Bond films, Zootopia and The Hunger Games. Once you have selected your movie you can pick your meal. This is actually how Zine charges; the movie itself is included, and you pay only for the meal and beverages that you order. Each package includes popcorn and a drink.

After you have made all of your choices, you will be led through a jungle path and into your private theater, where your popcorn and drinks await you. In the theater, you have many options for seating. They have daybed lounge cushions on the ground with plush pillow backs, ideal if you like to sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Or you can choose a row in the back, on comfortable, cushioned benches. After the film begins, your dinner (and later, dessert) will be delivered.

After the screening ends, you will probably need a few minutes to talk about the experience with your fellow moviegoers, as well as make plans for your next movie night at Zine Tulum.

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